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Sims4 Mid Century Industrial Loft 復古與工業風

Song:  Norah Jones-Sunrise

Click on images to enlarge  點圖可以放大喔

Lot Size:  30 x 20

Require Expansion Packs:  Get to Work  + Get to Together

需要資料片:  來去上班 + 同歡共樂

**Some heightened and free stand objects may lose their height after a new installation of the lot.  If you want to have the same details like my screenshots.  You can turn on bb.moveobjects cheat, then grab the object and press 9 to move up, press 0 to move down, until it is at the height you want.  
If it is necessary, while holding the object, use Alt to place it off grid.
**在放置房屋後 一些物件的高度可能會與我的圖片不同, 
可以使用bb.moveobjects密技, 抓住物件並按9來升高物品, 按0來降低. 按住ALT 可以隨意擺放物品.

Required CC: (Not included in the Download File) 需要的CC (不包含與檔案內 請另外下載呦!)

1. RSS MarcusSims91 Container House Set 貨櫃屋組
4.  [hvikis] shelf  層架

10.  Gazoul's Shop -Hook 2  掛勾

11. Llen_EE3_NB_Bench  椅子

12. Llen_Patio Easel  畫架

14. Sanoysims Tiled Stove  火爐

Download the house / Mirror  下載房屋

I have included most of the CC in the Download File.  

Many Thanks to the following creators/ conversion makers for your great share!

Dreamteamsims, Femme Jean, LindseyxsimsVictor MiguellWondymoon13pumpkin

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